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What You Need To Know About Hives Hives are itchy, raised and annoying! They occur when the body reacts to something that it is sensitive or allergic to, which results in it releasing histamines and other chemicals into the bloodstream. While this is occurring, tiny veins and capillaries leak, and the fluid is trapped in the skin. Anxiety is the normal feeling of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear we feel in response to stressful or dangerous situations. Physiologically, blood pressure and heart rate increase, sweating increases, as does blood flow to major muscle groups.

Immune and digestive functions are suppressed. Anxiety stimulates us to act, and is a protective mechanism designed to prevent us from engaging in potentially harmful behaviors. However, a chronically recurring case of anxiety that takes over a person’s life is considered an anxiety disorder. A sexually transmitted disease, also known as a STD, is an infection contracted through sexual or intimate contact such as vaginal or anal intercourse or oral sex. STDs are now commonly being called STIs, or sexually transmitted infections.

In the past, sexually transmitted diseases were known as veneral diseases or VDs. Some common STDs include genital herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital warts. Cancer is a highly varied disease that involves an uncontrollable replication of cells in the body. All of the cells in our body continuously replicate and generate new cells and keep our bodies in healthy working condition. When cells become cancerous, their ability to replicate is no longer orderly and controlled, and they continue to multiply even after new cells are no longer needed.

These extra cells accumulate in the form of a tissue substance called a tumor or growth. Learn About Herpes & How It Affects You Herpes is a highly contagious infection that can be transmitted through direct physical contact, it can also be transmitted through kissing or sharing the same eating utensils with an infected person. Herpes also known as Herpes Simplex Virus generally comes in two types Herpes Type 1 or HSV-1 which usually causes the appearance of cold sores in addition to this blisters can form on the lips and on the inside of the mouth. In some cases the gums can also become swollen. How To Deal With A Skin Rash A skin rash can be itchy, red, uncomfortable – and perhaps what's even worse – look gross.

But most people suffer from these skin irritations at some point in their life. When one of these annoying episodes sets in, it helps to know what they are, and why they happen. When your skin’s appearance and feel changes, you may have a skin rash. Differences in texture and color are all telltale and rather reliable indicators of a skin rash, if an intense itching or series of prominent bumps haven't not appeared yet. Shingles is known as herpes zoster, an extremely painful viral infection that is caused by the chicken pox virus.

Shingles can develop in any person who already has had chicken pox. More than one out of every ten people who had the chicken pox virus as a child gets the shingles virus as adults. Usually it occurs in people that are over 60 years of age. Varicella zoster, which is the same virus that causes chicken pox, causes shingles and is in the herpes family. The shingles disease is not a new infection and it is considered a second outbreak of the chicken pox virus.

I had so much problem gettin in A BLOG. I need to talk to someone about home remedies for MRSA. I have had it once on my forhead. I think it was caused by a flea bite. I got antibotics and it cleared it up.

Now I think I have one between my thigh and my lips if you know what I mean. It feels like a hair foticale deal but since I had so much problem with it before I am really freaking out. I had a few of the antibotics left and I took them. They were like a sulfer drug. A vaginal yeast infection is pain and irritation of the vagina and the surrounding area, called the vulva.

It is caused by a large growth of the fungus or yeast in the body. Yeast infections are also known as Candida yeast infections. Yeast normally lives in the vagina in small numbers, but when the bacteria within the vagina become out of balance, the yeast will grow quickly and cause pain. Vaginal yeast infections are very common in women, but it is good to recognize that men can also get yeast infections. Yeast infections in men occur when they have unprotected sex with a partner that has a yeast infection.

If both partners are not treated for the yeast infection then they can re-infect each other again and again. Most women will experience a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime and some might even experience two or more. Depression is a disease that affects millions of Americans, many who don’t even realize they have it. The cases of it range from situational to mild to clinical. Dealing with depression brings daily challenges that never truly end.

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