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"I know it's not comfortable to talk about these kind of symptoms and treatments, but I want to let everyone out there know that you can get your life back! I started using Papisone, as well as making some lifestyle changes with my diet and quitting smoking, and it made an enormous difference. Even my gynecologist was surprised at how much of a difference it made. All the symptoms have gone and stayed gone". - W.J. Finding out that you've got HPV can be a bit overwhelming. We know you'd rather put it out of your head and just not think about it, or you might be wondering why this is happening to you.

Although it may seem like its the last thing on Earth you were expecting, HPV is actually quite a common virus. It affects over 50% of sexually active people in the United States, so the odds are that you may have to face HPV at some point in your life. Because HPV is a startlingly real possibility, it's important for you to be aware of your options. You should make a strong effort at HPV prevention and avoid worrying about this headache altogether (see HPV Prevention page). But on the chance that you have come in contact with HPV, you do have some treatment options available. Most symptoms of HPV are pretty easy to notice, when warts appear out of nowhere, particularly genital warts.

There are many kinds of HPV out there, so you should always talk with your doctor about what your symptoms and your treatment options are. Papisone is a patented topical treatment cream that is specially formulated for the gentle removal of genital warts. It is a chemical-based compound that works quickly and effectively to burn warts in sensitive areas of your body. You shouldn't use standard wart treatments when you are afflicted in areas on or around your genitalia. These areas have very thin and extremely delicate and sensitive skin which reacts differently than products designed for tougher areas of your body, like hands and feet. Papisone is specifically designed for safe use on genital warts and can relieve you of the embarrassment and discomfort they cause.

You can expect to see results as soon as one week from the beginning of treatment, and there is a 96% success rate of clearing infection with Papisone. When using Papisone for treatment, you should abstain from sexual activity. Even after an infection has cleared, you may still be able to transmit the virus to your partner and you should abstain from sexual activity, or use a condom until your health care practitioner advises otherwise. Genital warts can be highly contagious and can still be spread after their immediate removal. Papisone is designed to be an effective treatment for physical symptoms, but should not be used as a prevention method for HPV. It does not protect against cervical, anal, or penile cancer, which are possible effects of the HPV virus.

Talk to your doctor about using Papisone as a treatment for your genital warts. If you experience symptoms like genital warts, you should consider getting HPV tested. Treating the symptoms is important, but it is also important to consider the long-term effects of your infection.

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