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For those who choose health! By purchasing you get: There are many people who suffer detriments to their health due to a fast food and low quality nutrition. It shows in their unattractive bodies, pale skin complexion, apparent body overweight, and they might feel down with ailments and diseases setting in. And on the other hand . . . .

. . there are many people with no problem having beautiful and smooth looking complexions, with admirable bodies; they cope with ups and downs easily with more or less cheerful attitude and smile on their faces. How come and what do they differ in from the first group of people? They've realized the importance of being well and attractive. They've opted for wellness. Healthy Drinks and Salads Month 1 eBook is based on our eight year experience of healthy eating patterns and life style to support people in their adamant quest for wellness.

We are happy to present you with health eating patterns and menus along with guidelines to prepare healthy drinks and salads, which have VERY beneficial effects to your health, body, and mind. Recommended foods and drinks will facilitate your body to discharge and heal from many ailments. Many people have already realized the importance of healthy eating patterns. Though a month time is too short period to expect your body could recuperate from any ailments, feeling better and your body lighter, and more restful sleep at night may be a sufficient turn for the better to inspire you with persistency for this new quest. And the best thing: the preparation of healthy drinks and salads may be repeated at any time of the year until you get accustomed to doing it on regular basis. And you'll gain much health with every repeat. Do you think a month trial period couldn't possibly be long enough?

Well, considering the health problems you may have been suffering for quite some time one month wouldn't count for much. However, you could gain enormously! The Healthy Drinks and Salads Month - you will be reading the pages time and time again testing the recipes. We wish you determination, a lot of joy, and . . . enjoy your meal!

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